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Acknowledgement: I'm thankful to Gerry for building this project, sharing the pictures of this antenna (Shown above) and his valuable feedback in his email to me-->Hello Nitin Just wanted to let you know , that I have fabricated your design of the 80 meter loop (10 mm copper tubing) I have made an attempt with other loops for 80 mtr before , but did not have any success , Your design works great. It is a good listening antenna , and good for transmitting with 100 watt as well . I was looking for something small to make. For retired older radio amateurs , that had to move into a small apartment or such with a balcony . I am able to hear signals across Canada from East to West (about 7000 km ) I am putting the loop on a TV rotor so I can turn it , and also make the Capacitor motorized , so I can tune it from the shack. I have checked the loop with my antenna analyzer , and actually it will cover 80 meter band from 3.530 to 4.000 Mhz. As an added bonus it also tunes on the 40 meter band from 7.055 to 7.300 Mhz. I am using a capacitor of about 330pf wide space air variable. Thank you for your design and your time to develop it. !! Very 73 De VA3AAG Gerry