Single Tube audiophile amplifier      

Experience the warm sound of this single ended single tube audio amplifier. It uses a single ECL82 valve, which is a triode-pentode in one glass envelope. Two such sections would make a beautiful stereo amplifier.I would recommend using fullrange Bass Reflex speaker with minimum 90dB/W sensitivity for good performance. Have a look at the fine make of this amplifier by Bruce Ward in Japan -- ---


CAUTION High voltages are present in the circuit, which could be fatal. Please take all precautions. Always use a fuse protected power cord. Make sure the grounding is proper. And yes,'NEVER' switch on the amp without the speakers connected to it.

Acknowledgement: I'm thankful to the following HAMs for their valuable advices on this circuit - George Woodsworth (GW4ZAG), John (G6AZV) .